Greater Kailash Noida Dermatologist



  Dr AJ Kanwar in the News
  Some of the many examples

Dr AJ Kanwar's Wikipedia Page

Dr AJ Kanwar get awarded National Award Dr BC Roy by President of India

One of Dr AJ Kanwar's, over 600 publications - Pemphigus (IJDVL)

One of Dr AJ Kanwar's many news articles - Vitiligo - Tribune, India

One of the doctor's many achievements

Dr AJ Kanwar gets awarded one of country's highest honours - ICMR Award

Dr AJ's Kanwar's article - > Three Common Dermatological Disorders in Children (Scabies, Pediculosis and Dermatophytoses)

Dr AJ Kanwar gets awarded

Dr AJ Kanwar speaks at World Congress, Paris

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